Member country Subscribed capital* Paid-in capital*
Million of USD Million of USD % Total
Bolivia  328 265.8 9.9%
Colombia 656 531.7 19.8%
Costa Rica  656 531.8 19.8%
Ecuador 328 265.8 9.9%
Paraguay 328 265.4 9.9%
Perú 656 531.7 19.8%
Uruguay 328 266.4 9.9%
Venezuela 656 30.7 1.1%
Total 3.938 2689.3 100%
Figures reported as of October 31, 2020


FLAR has capitalized the profits distributed to its central banks and there is an agreement in place between its member countries to continue to do so until the current subscribed capital is completed.

In 2012, evidencing their support for the institution, the member countries prepaid the previous subscribed capital and increased it by 40%.

In 2015, the Central Bank of Costa Rica prepaid all of its FLAR subscribed capital and applied to double it to reach the level of a "country of a large economic dimension", application which was approved by FLAR’s Assembly of Representatives.

In May 2015, FLAR agreed on a procedure with the International Monetary Fund for its new members to account a percentage of their paid-in capital to the Institution as part of their international reserves. This may make it easier for new members to join FLAR.