The Latin American Reserve Fund (FLAR), through its "Economic Database", provides the public with financial and economic data and information of Latin American and Caribbean countries, which offers elements for the preparation of analysis and economic studies. The data and information published does not constitute in any way an advice, recommendation or suggestion by FLAR or any third party source of information.

All published gross values to which a person may have access through the "Economic Database" is obtained from and owned by third parties and has been included with their authorization for an informational purpose.

All the transformations or variations of the gross values to ​which a person may have access through the "Economic Database" have been calculated by FLAR, and do not compromise third parties that own the original information.

The construe and use of data and information provided by the "Economic Database", are the exclusive responsibility of the user and does not compromise the responsibility of FLAR or the third parties which own the original information.

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